iCARE: Définir les risques de MRC chez les jeunes atteints du diabète


Chercheuses principales : Dr Allison Dart et Dr Brandy Wicklow Groupe de patients : Jeunes atteints du diabète de Type 2 et leurs parents Régions : Colombie-Britannique, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Nouvelle-Écosse Visitez le site web du projet Nous cherchons à découvrir et à confirmer quels jeunes atteints du diabète sont à risque d’attraper une MRC en identifiant [...]

EMPATHY: Patient-reported outcomes clustered RCT


Evidence suggests that patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) have a positive impact in clinical practice; however, the impact on health outcomes and experiences is not fully understood. This research aims to fill this gap by evaluating the impact of routinely measuring and reporting patient-reported experience and outcomes, clinical outcomes, and healthcare utilization.

DISCO: Dialysis Symptom Control


Gabapentin and pramipexole are commonly used drugs for several conditions and are known to reduce restless legs in patients who do not have kidney disease. The results of DISCO will determine whether gabapentin, pramipexole, or both should be offered to patients receiving dialysis who suffer from restless legs.